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Competitive Drone Racing

AT Drone Racing is the premier Event Coordinator in the Midwest. Our goal is to make it a prominent destination for FPV Pilots in the USA and Canada.

AT Drone Racing is a part of our parent company, Aerial Technologies. Please visit to our parent website for more information about all we do: www.aerialtechinc.com


What We Do

Event Organizer

We can do it all; we organize events large and small. From submitting a business proposal to running the event, we have the experience needed to run a drone event.


Education is a big part of our company. We organize and participate in events that teach the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers and racers.


FPV Racing League

Our company sponsors a racing league here in Louisville, KY. If you are in the area, please join us!

promotional events

We offer events for companies to promote the field of UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles) with demo drone performances and essential information.


Upcoming Events

➤ KY speedway cup

Drone Racing on Nascar track!


Previous Events

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(502) 882-0887


Our Weekly Podcast

Beginners Guide to Drone Racing

Drone racing is an opportunity to reach and connect with a growing and passionate audience.
— Matthew Volk, ESPN Director


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